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What substrate do you wish to coat?.

Spec Notes:

** denotes an Engineered Coating Systems coating solution for aggressive environments.

Please carefully choose your substrate. We recommend you skim the entire list before making your choice. If you have any uncertainty identifying the substrate you wish to coat, please email us at

If you wish to use a specialist coating, please select that from the substrate list. The specialist coatings categories available for selection are:

  • *Anti-Graffiti Systems
  • *Flooring Systems
  • *Metallic Finishes
  • *Paint Effects
  • *Specialist Finishes
  • *Textured Coatings
  • *Waterproofing Membranes


Resene Ezyspec has been written in good faith with information available at the time. If you are in doubt with any aspect of this specification or the substrate you wish to coat is not referred to, please contact your local Resene Paints Representative.
Resene Paints Limited will not accept responsibility for any incorrect specifications that are written as a result of use of this program.

Resene EzySpec is a sole product of Resene Paints Limited. All enquiries should be directed to